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Chimney Inspections are a vital part of ensuring your fireplace and chimney are ready for use each year. 

Level 1 Inspection

This is our most routine and common inspection and we include it with all of our chimney cleanings and sweeps. During a level 1 chimney inspection, our trained techs look at the readily accessible portions of the chimney and appliance, and verify that the flue is free of blockages and major buildup.

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Level 2 Inspection

Are you upgrading to a new fireplace, stove, insert, or gas log set? Does your fireplace or stove seem to be operating a little differently or less efficiently than it did in the past? Did you just buy a new home?

During a level 2 inspection, we check all readily accessible portions of the chimney and appliance, but we also use technology to get a good look at the inside of the flue. If it’s possible to access the attic, basement, or crawlspaces that surround your chimney system, we’ll inspect those areas as well. Not only will we search for flue blockages and buildup, but we’ll also check to make sure the flue is the right size and material for the appliance you have or are considering upgrading to.

Level 3 Inspection

If you have a problem with your chimney that can’t be rectified without removing parts of your home’s structure — like your siding, walls, or other areas surrounding the chimney — then a level 3 inspection may be necessary.

This inspection is rare, and can require some demolition, which is why we only perform level 3 inspections as a final resort and after much discussion with the homeowner.

Keeping up with annual Level 1 cleanings can prevent your chimney from ever needing an inspection and repair of this severity. 

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Ready For Your Chimney Inspection?

No matter how your Gulf Coast fireplace and chimney is performing, it is important to schedule your chimney inspection each and every year. The NFPA recommends it as it can help ensure you’re getting the most out of your chimney and fireplace while minimizing risk. Let our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney sweeps take care of your annual chimney inspection.